Welcome, I'm Teagan Fea, the creator of the Soul Spa Program

Yoga, meditation, mindfulness & time honored wisdom for women.

I am so grateful you're here. My own personal and professional journey as a Yoga Teacher & Therapist  has taught me so much about anxiety  and  depression and sparked a passion to help strong sensitive women like you by providing a holistic approach to these complex and sombre subjects.

I created this online course  and coaching program  using the power of  YOGA & MEDITATION to guide you back to feeling whole. Soul Spa is also a place of learning, understanding and belonging where you have the support you need to unfold into the beautiful woman you are, beyond  emotional pain.  

Anxiety, depression & emotional pain allows a woman to rebuild herself and to access herself at a deeper level. Emotional suffering caused by the pain of life, trauma and disconnection from her wild feminine nature is rich fodder for growth and transformation. She needs to learn to honor who she was, who she is and where she is going in a holistic, soulful & conscious manner.

Let me help you to honor your anxiety & depression & create a life you love . If you like soul stirring, sisterhood & support, then you are in the right place!

My mission is to help you feel safe, confident, loved and connected by supporting you with time honored wisdom and yoga and meditation practices that honor the wholeness of life and deep inner love.

Praise for Soul Spa...


"As a therapist for twenty years, I have reviewed many publications, classes, books etc. to help clients. This class is the most thorough combination of helpful strategies I have ever seen! Absolutely wonderful and a very positive way to help with emotional issues as well as depression.

Don’t let the yoga aspect keep you from taking this class. Although a valuable component, it doesn’t have to be used to still make this class one of the most powerful emotional programs I have ever seen."

Dr. Joyce Stone (USA)


" This course by Teagan Fea is outstanding in so many ways. She is concise and freely shares her wisdom and some of her personal story. The production quality of the videos is beautiful and the entire course is obviously well thought out. The meditation practices are extremely calming and the yoga practices are physically easy but very effective.

I am 58 years old and have suffered from anxiety and depression all of my life. This course is teaching me about quieting the mind and relaxing the body. I truly did not realize how noisy my mind was (not in a good way) and how that constant negative chatter was affecting me physically. I’ve already had some pleasant changes happen and I’m only just starting the learning process.

I wish that all schools, elementary through college, offered these teachings because I believe that so much inner turmoil would be reduced or eliminated for many people.
I highly recommend this course for everyone! "

Jeanne Maxwell (USA)


" This course is thorough, refreshing and empowering. It is packed with valuable information from a scientific and holistic perspective, and offers practical solutions that are easy to implement.
Teagan’s experience and knowledge clearly shows in this comprehensive program. I have no hesitation in recommending this course to anyone who wants to take the next step in feeling good! "

A Senties (Mexico)


"These are profound words from a person ; who ‘knows’. Your deep sensitivity to the subject of depression gives you authenticity. You are to be believed and valued as you so eloquently communicate your wisdom. I am grateful for your ‘presence’ and hope to take away a whisper of your inner calm to become one, with me.

I congratulate you on your course and your desire to bring peace to those that are troubled. Thank you and best wishes."

Karen (Australia)

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